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Sunday, 31 May 2009 00:00

I would like to welcome everybody to the new Zahira's Boudoir website which will evolve over a period of time. In my blog I will be sharing my news, my views and current projects.

One of these current projects are the workshops I am running. I am offering the chance for you to come along to my Container City studio at Trinity Bouy Wharf and learn some new skills. I will be teaching you how to make some beautiful leather accessories that you will feel proud to have made yourself. So whether you are into the "Burlesque", "fetish", "Goth", "steampunk" or whatever your individual style is, I am sure you will be just as inspired as I am by the potential these new skills will bring you.

I am running one day workshops where you will make yourself a beautiful hand sewn all-leather corset, or a two days workshop where you can make yourself a painted leather corset. I will also be running bag making workshops where you can learn basic leatherwork and painting techniques.

Full full information and details please see Workshops.


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