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Wednesday, 08 July 2009 20:45

The website is coming along nicely, but it seems to be such a lot of work and a steep learning curve, fortunately Idris is on the case. I do not understand HTML and  meta tacking whats that. I found it very hard to describe the work that we do. Yes it's Leather Work and i guess you could say i make Leather accessories but somehow i feel it does not describe it. When it comes to doing ones own website you have to place yourself in somebody else. What would they type into Google if they were looking to buy what i make. A friend suggested that Google likes the words gift and present but when you type that in are they looking for what i do? Who is my customer, what would they type in. there are so many words, how do i choose the right ones? I only know i make what pleases me, and it takes a lot of time and patience and my customers they appreciate this, but i would not like to define them by putting them into some kind of group genre because so many things cross over. What do we make? well there are the things you see on the website, there are the bespoke that you don't see and this ranges from things that are worn, theatrical items to beautiful carved bass Quivers and Guitar Straps. the versatility of leather work has so many applications and for me i always try no matter what it is, to make something that is as beautiful in quality ,design and as delicate and feminine as i can.

We had a lovely sunny weekend for the open studio event but was a little disappointed that London's Mayor, Boris Johnson could not attend due to the constraints of his diary one of my workshops but i did get a very nice message wishing us all the best. The event was part of The Story Of London. This was an event that used Art , Music and Architecture to Show the History and indeed the future of London. I found myself in an undefined area, I am an artist that uses the medium of Leather and by using traditional methods can not mass produce huge quantity. Leather a lost art yet London in fact the world owes so much to the industry and in this country very little remains. I have chosen to share my skills as well , To demystify the craft, by sharing the skills i have learnt others can take the craft into the future.

For those of you who are reading this in the North of England, we are going to be in Derby on 24th July at the Heresy n heelz event and maybe help us describe what it is we actually do!


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